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Take Their Word For It

We use Show Biotics and Jumpstart on a daily basis in our veterinary practice. Show Biotics is pivotal to maintaining any show animals appetite and gastrointestinal health, whether at home or at a show. This product is very easy to use as a drench, or add it in the water. We have been using Show Biotics within our cow herd and show calves for almost a decade. Let me tell you, it certainly makes a difference, especially in the brutal southeast Texas weather. there's no other product that compares to Show Biotics. Probios had its place, but does not equivocate to the amount of gut microbes present in Show Biotics. Everyone has a lot invested in their show animals. Invest in a high quality G.I. supplement like Show Biotics!

Lukas Chachere, DVM
Chachere Veterinay Clinic
L. Chachere Cattle
Dayton, TX

We have used Show Biotics on thousands of stocker and feeder calves over the last year. Show Biotics have helped our salebarn calves eat more hay and water when they arrive and after they get processed and seems to straighten out their gut after they go through the stress of being handled and weaned. We have noticed calves start consuming feed 2 to 3 days earlier with Show Biotics.

Troy Lee Keaton
Keaton Cattle Company
Sealy, TX

I hit every heifer we ran through the chute with Show Biotics and a modified live vaccine. This is the 1st time in my life not a single heifer got knocked backwards or felt down after getting vaccinated.

Kolten Thigpen
QB Cattle Company
Sweetwater, TX

Loved the stuff on the show steer. He went from being a finicky eater to eating everything we put in front of him and waiting to be fed each feeding. 

Stuff's like Lebron James in his prime!

Good Product.

Kody Miller
South Dakota

Started using it on a sheep that just wasn’t thrifty. It didn’t take long for that sheep to turn around and get back on track. After that, we started it on all the sheep, and my daughter made the sale at every major show her senior year. Pretty exceptional

Michael Collins
Idalou, TX

Over the last few years we’ve run across and used quite a few different products. But when it comes down to it, when you put pencil to paper a lot of those products fall through the cracks. After two show seasons of use and trials, our feed and vet cost have drastically decreased, and our animals are performing to their maximum potential. This is a product I stand behind and believe in.

Kevin Doonan
Doonan Cattle Company
Midlothian TX

Rain and mud put us in a rut and we just couldn't seem to get out of it. We were having health and feed conversion problems on sale cattle and they just weren't taking off like they needed to. Once we started them on Show Biotics the cattle flipped the switch. Health and feed issues straightened out and they never looked back.

Wesley Walker
Walker Farms
Dayton, TX

The cattle just do better. It doesn't matter if they're roping calves or 8 weight heifers, they eat better and they don't get sick.

Donnie Richter
Richter Cattle Company
Waelder, TX

The first year I started using Show Biotics in the water source for my recips, I increased my embryo transfer conception rate to 72% frozen, and 90% on fresh, and increased my 1st straw AI conception to nearly 100%.

Cody Roth
Roth Cattle Co.
Afton, TX

It's simple and it works! Took it with us to junior nationals and the cattle stayed on feed and kept drinking. it was the easiest least stressful time I've had at a show.

Reese Hagan
Hagan Cattle Company
Yoakum, TX

When I met 'Topher and heard about Yeti Sauce I knew it was a must use product. No implants, No strong odor or Unpalatable flavor in their feed (like other products I've used in the past). We ended up feeding it to 4 steers last year and they all had the big shag that helped them get to the winners circle on show day. Yeti Sauce along with Unwind is the perfect one-two punch to make fat steers hairy and sound for the big day!

Kyle Delaplaine
Delaplaine Land and Cattle
Frederick, MD

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