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Tested from coast to coast and border to border, this is an absolute must have in the feed room. The coolest thing since sliced bread. UNWIND is the newest product that was pried from the minds of the top nutritionists and laboratory nerds the industry could round up. TESTED ON ALL SPECIES!Never before have we found or made a product that works like this. Unwind tight muscles, relax stiff joints, and just make livestock feel better overall. Rave reviews from across the country can be condensed into just a few words, "WOW, that S#!% works!!!" Despite every test group telling us to keep it a secret, here it is! So how does it work?As animals age or stress, excess calcium builds up and binds the muscle, not allowing it to flex & work properly. This product disrupts the calcium magnesium pump and relieves the muscle of excess calcium, it returns muscle elasticity, flexibility, and function.Just like a good trip to the chiropractor... Unwind is truly a miracle in a jar.

All Species: Directions- Top Dress Feed

Day 1-7: 2-3 tsp/day

Day 8-show: 1 tsp/day

Every animal reacts differently to all supplements. Adjust dosage up or down depending on individual results and needs.

ATTN: SHEEP & GOAT CUSTOMERS: this product will NOT increase the risk of urinary calculi.

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