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Melatonin Free Yeti Powder

Melatonin Free Yeti Powder

New and different!

Want vibrant, healthy, thick, valumptuous hair on your livestock? Melatonin free yeti combines a kitchen sink of high quality hair boosting natural ingredients. This formula works extremely well with Yeti Sauce MAXIMIZING hair growth and hair health. 

We've listened to everybody wanting a melatonin free hair product and we've come up with something we're confident to put our name behind. 

95% of the goodness of the original Yeti Sauce Powder without the melatonin.

Original Yeti Powder Forces the hair to grow, Melatonin Free Yeti FEEDS THE HAIR follicle.



For increased hair health and vibrance:

All Species: Top dress feed or mix with oral drench one (1) Tablespoon/Day

96 days worth NO need to ever increase amount!!!



Kelp Extract, L-Arginine, Rosemary Extract, Flax Seed, Beet Root, Folic Acid, Niacin, Watermelon Extract, Zinc Glycinate, Tryptophan, Lysine and probiotics


Notice to cattle customers—-please only use Yeti products in conjunction with approved sheens. Failure do to so may lead to unsatisfactory results at towards the end of the hair cycle. 


Here's the list of sheens and companies we stand behind and feel allow you to maximize your return on investment.

1. HF&C Pink Magic (diluted)

2."Just Sheen" by us.. Show Biotics

3. Da Juice (with Double Shot added)

4. Show Sheen (the original no fancy gimmicks sheen)

5. Weaver Pro sheen

6. Sullivan branded Sheens

There are many sheens on the market that work well in certain environments, that don't perform as well in others. In more humid areas we suggest a lighter or diluted sheen, and in coolers, dry, and high altitude environments we suggest a heavier sheen.


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