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Girly Sauce Powder

Girly Sauce Powder

Notice: Contains trace amounts of Copper, NOT intented for use in sheep!


Girly Sauce is the feminine counterpart to our game changing product Yeti Sauce. There truly is no other hair supplement on the market that caters to heifers the way Girly Sauce will. We've taken the time to consider the longevity and joint health of your long term investment, and want her to strut like the sexy cobra-panther she is! With Added Vitamins, Minerals, Hyaluronic Acid, and a good dose of Lysine, not only will Girly sauce keep your female Hairy, Sound, and Productive... But the LYSINE will keep that front end pretty and slim. use Girly Sauce Powder the same way as Yeti Sauce Powder (Topdress Feed: 1 tablespoon twice a week, or 1 teaspoon daily)

For best results, double amount every 30 days.


Notice to cattle customers—-please only use Yeti products in conjunction with approved sheens. Failure do to so may lead to unsatisfactory results at towards the end of the hair cycle. 


Here's the list of sheens and companies we stand behind and feel allow you to maximize your return on investment.

1. HF&C Pink Magic (diluted)

2."Just Sheen" by us.. Show Biotics

3. Da Juice (with Double Shot added)

4. Show Sheen (the original no fancy gimmicks sheen)

5. Weaver Pro sheen

6. Sullivan branded Sheens

There are many sheens on the market that work well in certain environments, that don't perform as well in others. In more humid areas we suggest a lighter or diluted sheen, and in coolers, dry, and high altitude environments we suggest a heavier sheen.

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